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  • July 10, 2019
  • Important Truths about Defense against Drug Charges

    Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin are banned in many countries around the world. When used over a prolonged period of time they can affect the user’s health negatively. Although many people know that illicit drugs are bad for their health, they still choose to use them. The state machinery thus realized that they had to take stringent measures to discourage the use of illegal substance. this article will discuss more about drug related charges and their defense.

    Law enforcement officers comb the streets day and night to ensure no one is engaging in this illicit trade. Click here to discover more. The law does not spare the dealers and user because they want to eliminate the vice from top to bottom. Notably, the use, distribution and possession of illicit drugs has been criminalized in many nations.

    The consequences of drug related charges are very serious. Offenders are usually sentenced to several years in jail to a lifetime in prison. A lifetime in prison is a longtime for being in the wrong company or enjoying the proceeds of crime. A drug related offense can move a person from grace to grass if it is established that their property was bought with drug money. This shows how important it is to get a reputable criminal defense advocate to handle such a charge. This service of legal defense enhances the accused chances.

    When the law enforcement officers find a person in possession of drugs in small or large quantities, they assume by law that this person has the intention of using, supplying or trafficking such drugs. Equally, if a person is found with drug paraphernalia such as syringes, drug inhalers and drug production equipment, the law will assume that this person had the intention to sell, conceal, deal in drugs or use the said drugs. The law provides for an individual who is found in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia to face legal consequences. This is such a gloomy narrative that a person who is charged with a drug related case can loss hope right here!. The answer lies in the quality of defense such an offender gets. Check it out!.

    The constitution would like criminals to be punished to discourage vice in the society. However, it is in support of due process to be used when handling criminal proceedings. Instead it provides that such persons should get due process, should be allowed to tell their side of the story and all the while, should be assumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. View here! and learn more. This provisions are there to prevent any excesses by any arm of the governments. If an accused person can demonstrate that they were wrongfully charged by way of missing evidence, entrapment, medical marijuana, unlawful search or seized, wrong lab results or in some cases if they are first time offenders, they will be pronounced innocent by the trial court. Click here for more info.

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